Sunday, August 1, 2010

signs your man isn't into you anymore

i have read 1 article by elizabeth frisby and i have learned many things . i have faced a lot of difficulties and make me hurt more day by day.if i can say outspoken or just throw away this feeling or throw my heart away, maybe it's easy for me to heal myself...(poyokan ayat?hahahahaha...)

she said : We see these signs but we don't want to acknowledge them because of fear of being alone

1. He gives you the attention you deserve. It's not that hard to pick up a phone even if you've had a busy day. If he makes time to call you to say hi or see how your day's going. This is a good sign.

2. Have you met his mother? Or any of his family members for that matter? If yes then you're on the right track. Men that cherish their families won't just bring anybody home.

3. Does he spend "day time" quality time with you or does he only come over in the evenings? Don't be a booty call-you're worth so much more!

4. Do you go out in public together? Does he take you out to dinner, the movies, bowling? Or attempt to do anything that interest you in public? If not then drop him immediately no matter what his excuses are. Don't be a W.K.S (well kept secret).

5. Holidays & Birthdays: Where is he? Is he with you? If yes then he definitely cares. Unless he doesn't have a family of his own and he's not that into holidays then he's just bored and wants a free meal.

6. Have you told him something that he does that either hurts or bothers you? Has he attempted to change in anyway? If he cares about how you feel then he'll make the necessary adjustments. Not saying that he's changing who he is rather some of his actions.

7. Has he taken you away (just the two of you) on a trip? Spent money on you? This doesn't count if you've noticed he has frivolous spending habits but if he's a budget conscious man who's spent time and money on you then this may be a good look. But never think that this is a for certain sign that he cares because money and material things come and go and you could never put a price on your love-ever!

8. Has he made an attempt to meet your family and friends? Does he care about the important people in your life? This shows he cares about you.

9. Has he introduced you to his friends or invited you to functions that he hosts? If not then you're probably a well kept secret (booty call) and he'd probably like to keep it that way.

10. Does he respect you? Has he ever made you feel like you don't deserve him or that you should be honored to be with him? If so then he doesn't deserve you because a true and strong man knows how to uplift the woman in his life and to encourage you to love you.

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